A Walkthrough Guide And Tips About Megapolis


Everyone wants to find the best game to play on their devices. If you are one of them, then you should play megapolis once. It is the one of the best simulation strategy based game available in the play store for the mobile users.  It is launched by the famous games company social quantum Ltd. You only need a smartphone or internet connection to play it. You can do something new in your spare time by play the game.  Always try to watch all the tutorials to become the best player in it, because the tutorials explain all things to learn the basics. Now I am giving you some more important tips to increase your performance.

Role of infrastructure  

The main part of the game is to work to expand the city, and for it, you have to improve the infrastructure. If you want to increase the level of production, then you have to construct more plants for the supply of water and electricity. You can expand the population of your town to build these water plants.

You should try to know the actual need of your citizen to fulfill them. If you are not able to do it, then you have to click on the top menu to know about the current usage and need. Moreover, you can use the map to find the unfinished things easily. You should complete those projects to make your town perfect.

More information

You are the king in the game, so you have to do all the works of a king. The king must take care of their citizen and provide them with all those facilities which they need. But you have to maintain the money transactions also to run the town. You should build some commercial business areas like restaurants and gas stations etc. You can earn more with these resources. Visit all buildings to collect all the amount of taxes and get rewards. You also have the option to build more factories and store to increase the income rate of your town. If you don’t construct all these important places, then you have to play some plenty by paying a small fee. So try to construct these places by time.


In my opinion, you should build all those places first which helps you to increase your income and give you more population.  By using all these tips and Megapolis Cheats, you can increase your performance in it.