Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery- Winning Tactics


Are you looking best tactics to play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery? If the big yes then here we will you some important tips. Those all the tips are useful to improve your performance and winning chances. If you want to become master in the game then you should read the information but firstly I will tell you some basic information. The game is action category game with lots of adventure. You can make own avatar with dress and also unlock the many character. The missions and events are also the packets of interest.

Essential tactics-

The tips are must require to play the game in proper way.

  1. Set up the alarm-

When your energy goes down into the game them set an alarm for 1 hour and 40 minute. In the game your energy 25 points fill up in 100 minutes and you are able to play game. Many other path are also available to increase the level like level up, missions, locations and many more. If you use the all these ways then set up the alarm of 1 hours and 40 minutes.

  1. Talk with teachers-

If you want to gain free point then talk with teachers. When you talk with your teachers in classroom then you will get hose points and some rewards. Always earn the skill points to enchase your performance and winning chances. You can also take extra lesion to obtain extra home points.

  1. Cosmetic upgrade-

If you are beginners in the game then don’t spend your coins on cosmetic upgrades. The spend coins on cosmetic upgrade is wastage of currencies. If you want to spend coins then lessons, duets and leveling up friendship is the best part. Use the coins on useful items because it is the primary currency of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

  1. Attribute-

The Attribute is also the best part to boost up the level. In the game very important to rise up attribute level. The attribute will affect your ability and winning points.

  1. Select the long lasting lesion-

If you want to boost up the level in the game then pick up the long lasting lesion. Via the long lasting lesion your levels increase fast. The missions are helpful to upgrade your game.

  1. Wait after complete missions-

After completing the missions you till wait. After 10-20 minutes your energy will full automatically. These are all the important tips.