In Washington and here at home, Jeff Miller is a recognized leader in matters of domestic and national security. He is helping to make America stronger and safer. And he's making a difference in our lives. Learn about Congressman Miller's views on these key issues:


StoppingWasteful Spending
National Defense and the War on Terror
The Second Amendment
Illegal Immigration

President Obama and the Democrat Party forced the largest deficit exploding spending bill in the history of our nation on the American people through a $787 billion dollar “stimulus” package.  They said this was necessary to guide the American economy out of the ditch of recession and onto the road of recovery ushering us into a new era of prosperity.  All of this deficit spending was supposed to bring about a panacea of job creation and rebounding of our economy.  What have we gotten for such a spending spree?  A $13 trillion dollar (and rising) debt, a stagnating unemployment rate, a stalling economy, another round of foreclosures looming on the horizon and to boot, an unsustainable health care program that will certainly bankrupt our nation.

The first thing we have to do is stop the spending and decrease the size of government! Next, we must extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.  This will facilitate placing financial power in the hands of the American people to invest and spend.  Northwest Florida needs more jobs.  We can’t spend our way into a better economy.

Stopping Wasteful Spending:
One of biggest problems facing us right now is the wasteful spending in Washington and the growing federal deficit. As one of the most fiscally conservative members serving in Congress, this is a critical issue to me. We must stop the growth in discretionary spending that is occurring every year in Washington. I have taken on my tax-and-spend colleagues in Congress, President Obama, and even President Bush before that on overspending, and I have led the charge for tax relief for hard-working Americans. But we need to go even further. Congress needs to eliminate once-and-for-all pork projects and earmarks from the budget.

National Defense and the War on Terror:

The War on Terror is the greatest challenges America has faced in this new century. I am proud to be counted among the military's most vocal and consistent allies in the struggle to eliminate the terrorist threats around the world. Our military is the mightiest force on the planet and we need to continue to invest in it for the future. I want to make sure Northwest Florida will continue to play an integral role in the defense of our country and advance the cause of freedom and democracy.
In the wake of September 11th, our most important job is protecting American citizens. I will continue to work to make our military more effective in the fight against terrorism.

The Second Amendment:
Since my days in the Florida Legislature, I have been a strong proponent of Second Amendment rights for law-abiding Americans. But the gun-grabbing liberals in Washington would like nothing more than to take guns out of the hands of hunters, sportsman, and those who simply want to protect their homes and families. I have joined with several of my colleagues to defeat proposals that would whittle away your Constitutional rights as legal gun owner.

Illegal Immigration:
The need for immigration reform and border security is not only important to the fiber of our nation, it’s a matter of national security. Some in Congress have struggled with half-baked solutions and proposed to reward those illegally in our country with citizenship.

I believe the answer is simple. Secure our borders now, stop the flow of illegal immigration, and send those here illegally back home! No amnesty!

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