Odd couple made VA bill work

Ledyard King; and Nicole Gaudiano -- PNJ
August 1, 2014

Jeff Miller and Bernie Sanders overcome political divides to take aim at broken system

Things weren't looking good for passage of a compromi... READ MORE


Pensacola News Journal Editorial: Treating with honor

July 29, 2014

Anyone who has paid attention to politics over the last decade knows how petty and impotent our Legislative branch of government has become.
So in that light, it seems almost miraculous that a deal h... READ MORE


The Florida Republican who is Veterans Affairs' worst nightmare

BY DAVID M. DRUCKER | JUNE 6, 2014 | 6:00 AM

Jeff Miller shouldn't be here.

The House is recessed for the week, and most of America's representatives are in their districts meeting with constituents or camp... READ MORE